Top 5 Reasons to Attend Your First Symphony Concert

Have you been curious about experiencing a live symphony concert but haven’t taken the plunge yet? As a first-timer, you may wonder what attending is really like or if you’ll enjoy it. Take it from us–symphony concerts are an incredible art form to experience. Here are the top 5 reasons to check out your first show:

The music will blow you away.
There is nothing like hearing powerful symphonies performed live by a full orchestra. The soaring strings, dramatic brass, and lush percussion fill the concert hall and envelop you in surround sound. You’ll gain a new appreciation for the complexity of classical compositions.

It’s a full sensory experience.
A symphony performance engages all your senses. You’ll feel the resonance of the music wash over you. Watching the synchronized bowing from the string sections and the delicate handiwork of the percussionists is visually hypnotic. Physically sitting in the concert hall with others adds to the ambiance.

It can expand your cultural horizons.
Experiencing new art forms opens up your worldview. You’ll gain exposure to classical genres and composers. Learning about symphony history and concert etiquette also expands your cultural savvy.

To see talented musicians up close.
Symphony orchestra musicians are incredibly talented. Seeing their passion and showmanship up close as they play is unforgettable. You’ll appreciate their years of intense training and practice.

Feelings of being inspired and moved.
The swell of symphonic music stirs up all kinds of emotions. You may feel energized and inspired one minute then tender and nostalgic the next. This rollercoaster ride for the senses stays with you long after the final notes fade away.

Ready for an arts experience like no other? Grab tickets to your first symphony concert! Let the music transport and thrill you.

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