Chris Jankowski: Retired Musician Series

Chris Jankowski, 2nd trumpet
Retired during the 2022/2023 season
Years involved: 1994-2022
Retired after: 28 years

In his own words…

“I love that Southeastern Minnesota is able to sustain an orchestra of this caliber. For me, there are so many musical moments. One that stands out was during a performance many years ago of Lizst’s “Les Preludes.” Near the beginning is a maestoso statement of the main theme of “Les Asters.” The trumpets, horns, and woodwinds play a chorale over a low brass countermelody and string arpeggios. Everyone was “on their game” that night and the orchestra sounded fabulous. I was enjoying it so much that I almost stopped playing just to listen!

More broadly, I’m grateful to have been a part of groups that commissioned new works for Rochester Symphony. I will miss making music with my friends and performing for the community.

Thanks to everyone involved with Rochester Symphony Orchestra and Chorale. And a special thanks to Bruce and Vikki Wolff for supporting my chair all these years–and more importantly, your friendship. Your two are the best!”

Our Retired Musician Series pays tribute to the talented musicians retiring from the Rochester Symphony. View our current musician roster.

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