Elizabeth Gomoll: Retired Musician Series

Elizabeth Williams Gomoll, flute & piccolo
Retired at the end of the 2022/2023 season
Years involved: 1988-2023
Retired after: 35 years

In her own words…

“I started playing flute in the 5th grade, which means I’ve been playing for 60 years.

Being part of Rochester Symphony for so long—I loved being part of a team doing something extraordinary together, each musician playing their part. Imagine the combined millions of hours invested by the orchestra members to master their instruments, then to interpret the complex symbols on a page of music and synchronize with each other to produce music that transport us to another dimension. Simply amazing.

I was deeply involved in three years of negotiations with the City of Rochester concerning the future of the Rochester Symphony. In 1996, the orchestra musicians voted to become independent from the city and we started planning the 1996-1997 season with no resources other than our musicians and Music Director, Jere Lantz—no staff, no music library, no rehearsal or concert space, not even music stands. I was the first president of the RSOC Board of Directors. It was a huge challenge, but we produced a full season of concerts and ended that   first independent year financially in the black. I later became the first Executive Director for the organization.

I will most miss my many friends in the orchestra. (I will also miss the magical moments of being part of a perfectly tuned chord.)

It is my great hope that Rochester will one day have a true concert hall. The Rochester Symphony and the many other fine music organizations deserve a venue that enhances the music and their patrons’ concert-going experience.”

Our Retired Musician Series pays tribute to the talented musicians retiring from the Rochester Symphony. View our current musician roster.

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