Kristina Lantz: Retired Musician Series

Kristina Lantz, violin
Retired in December of the 2022/2023 season
Years involved: 1977-2022
Retired after: Nearly 45 years

In her own words…

“I joined the Rochester Symphony in 1977 under the baton of Ron Stoffel and have played most of the seasons since, though I took a few seasons off in the early 90s when our children were young.

I started playing violin at the age of ten and have been performing, teaching and conducting youth orchestras ever since.

I think my favorite thing about being in the Symphony has been the experience of making music together with a wonderful community of people who care passionately about bringing music alive. And that is what I will miss the most—all these lifelong friends.

It’s hard to think of a single or a few favorite memories because my years with the Symphony have been filled with too many to count. But I do remember one special concert that was magic for me and all the players on stage. And the magic happened during the Tchaikovsky Serenade for Strings in February of 2019. It was the last half of the concert, and, for once, we had plenty of room onstage for the chamber orchestra and plenty of lighting, and it was neither too cold nor too hot. Everything was perfect. And when we played, it was like we were one instrument. There was not even an inkling of a shiver of fear, and we all knew we had each other’s backs at every moment. It was only pure musicmaking. As we left the stage, we all looked into each other’s eyes, speechless from the moment and feeling the same thing—that we had never experienced such perfection. For me, it was true ecstasy, and I will never forget it.

It has been a wonderful ride with the symphony and a joy also to be able to experience it from the inside out, both as a player and as the wife of Jere Lantz. The Symphony brought to me a musical home and a life partner, for which I am so grateful. It has truly been a magical journey we’ve had together.

I have come to know the staff and board of the Symphony as people of matchless integrity and dedication to our art. I’ll always be so grateful for what they did and continue to do.

What a gift Rochester Symphony is to the people who make the music as well as the people who listen.”

Our Retired Musician Series pays tribute to the talented musicians retiring from the Rochester Symphony. View our current musician roster.

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