Congratulations on Retirement

Memories of 42 years of great music brought to life under the baton of Maestro Jere Lantz

I was very fortunate to have seen Jere work outside of the orchestra setting, years ago, when he gave music history lessons to a small group of homeschoolers above what used to be the Hamilton Music store. I remember feeling guilty not paying college tuition for his sort of lecture! And even though my sons were young elementary age, they were spellbound! 

Later, Jere went on to teach music history to a larger group at a homeschool co-op, which I helped to organize. For years, he would drive down from the Cities in all sorts of weather to work all afternoon teaching three different age groups of students, from K-12. The kids loved that class because, somehow, he adapted the information to reach very different ages! That was a LOT of work, for which he essentially donated his time, for very little recognition. I don’t know how he did it, but his passion for music came streaming out to inspire those very lucky children. 

Thank you, Jere! You have positively impacted the lives of many, young and old, truly bringing great music to life.

–Amy Andrews, Season Ticket Holder


Jere’s program notes were sensational. I talked with Jere several times well over half an hour during COVID. We discussed the Beethoven tome of over 1,000 pages. Also attended several of his pre-concert classes at Kellogg. Truly a remarkable man, and I will miss him greatly!

–Wayne Servais, Season Ticket Holder


My nine seasons (2004-2013) with the Rochester Symphony Chorale had many notable benefits. Primarily, expanded musical growth, and sitting under the baton of “The Maestro,” Jere Lanz. Singing with a professional orchestra was very exciting and rewarding. It was fun watching Jere conduct both players and singers, and to see his rapport with audiences. At rehearsal, Jere’s many stories about composers, history and basically everything convinced me he had more information and insight than anyone I knew. Congratulations, Jere! Thank you for your dedication, giftedness and compassion.

–Anita Allen-Wilson, Former Chorale Soprano


It was wonderful to be a part of this concert as a member of the Chorale. 50 years ago, I actually played cello under Jere’s direction in St. Cloud. A nice closing of a circle for me.

–John Sauer, Chorale Bass

The plaque that Rochester Symphony presented to Jere Lantz at his final concerts reads, “With heartfelt gratitude for 42 years of exemplary leadership, inspired concerts, and a wealth of music illuminated… thank you for bringing great music to life!” That sentiment encapsulates so well what Jere has meant to the organization and our broader community.

I particularly love the phrase “a wealth of music illuminated.” We have been fortunate all these years to have a Music Director who goes beyond simply directing music on stage. Jere’s ability to bring life to the music through sharing the background and context of music is nothing short of legendary. And his way of articulating that to any audience – whether young children, adults who are encountering orchestral music for the first time, or individuals who are well-steeped in the canon of classical music and have strongly-held opinions about it – Jere is able to converse in interesting and respectful ways to anybody.

Jere has represented the organization well and without compromise, while still being willing to try new things and new approaches. It’s a balance that not all music organizations have had at their helm. We have a daunting challenge ahead of us to replace a Music Director who got it right so often. And I am so full of gratitude knowing Jere will be watching and cheering us on as we move forward.

–Amy Lindstrom, President/CEO, Rochester Symphony

Responses to the Farewell Concert

We enjoyed all the info and history about Jere and it was presented in such a celebratory way. He shared such interesting information about the pieces performed that he arranged and those arranged by other composers. We left in a festive mood and looking forward to buying tickets to the next event. We are planning to attend all of the Rochester symphonies in 2023. We will miss Jere and wish him all the best.


We will miss Jere, but wish him well in his retirement. When he arrived, he was like fresh air and such a nice, talented man.


A delightful farewell concert to express gratitude to a dedicated musician. We love you, Jere Lantz.


Bravo, Maestro Lantz! Thank you for 42 years.


Jere will be sorely missed. We’ve known him for many of the 42 years. He deserves a long and happy retirement.


A wonderful concert. Congratulations to Jere Lantz. We will miss you.

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